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Kplay Contents

As an entertainment company focused on cryptocurrance and metaverse, it is a total entertainment company with a variety of dramas, movies, broadcast productions, OST, music, metahumans, influencers related to crypto-curance, and is growing mainly in Korea, the United States, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong.

The broadcast has completed the production of blockstory <Don's Age>, Jumping & Dumping, and Money of age show, and is currently producing movie metaverses<s new world>, drama <pumping time>, block shows, and more.

In partnership with IXY, one of the leading technology teams in Korea and the United States in the field of metahumans, we are producing a variety of content for <jojo> ai metahuman.

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With 14 million followers, Park ji-woo is a management company with a variety of entertainers, including singers, actors, and influencers.

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Color Star Entertainment

Listed on nasdaq, it is a large-scale Entertainment in Greater China and has businesses in various fields such as film, drama, albums, performances, and NFT.

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Movie Planet(Hollywood.)

He plays an annotated and key role in more than 100 film festivals around the world, and is making films for Hollywood.


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