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Wishing everyone a happy New Year.Let people all over the world "make a fortune"
Let's spread "Daebak" globally. 
Sharing gifts with one another.
"Daebak," a term cherished by Koreans. Symbolizing success and prosperity for all.

Daebak tokens serve as the currency for Daebak song music, MVs, TV series, and various content featured in variety shows. This content is shared across platforms like Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Douyin, and is expected to gain worldwide recognition.

Using Daebak Coin


Achieved 500 million views through music videos, TV series and Tiktok.

Together, we've reached an incredible 500 million views worldwide with our diverse K-pop content.



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+ Daebak


Chain : SOL20

Amount : 1billion

Nature : Meme Coin 


Contract :



KOREA No. 1 in transaction volume and culture

Korean culture is at the highest level in the world


The term "Gangnam" gained global recognition through "Gangnam Style".

South Korea leads in cryptocurrency trading, but there's a need for a symbol that truly represents Korea.

Let's spread hope worldwide and gift "Daebak".

Each of us possesses "Daebak" and now is the time to introduce it to the world.

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What is DAEBAK?

In February 2024, the SOL20 token,
featuring the most popular meme, was issued.

Token Ecosystem:

1. The Lucky Coin: Held by jackpot coin winners
2. Airdrop Coins: Set to create a significant impact.

(You can exchange DAEBAK coins for coins that can make a big hit!)

DAEBAK airdrop

+ The world is excited

Tesla Daebak


BTS Billboard Daebak



Celebrities and entrepreneurs who "Daebak" in Korea and the world

Just like the photo above "Daebak" belongs to everyone

It is a word of happiness that can be felt

The whole world is saying "Daebak"

The highest meaning is conveyed to the world

Korea’s finest technology and culture

Become a new media for communication

we will be together forever.

The upper image is to explain the word "Daebak" and has nothing to do with Daebak tokens.


Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 03.34.47.jpg

Cryptocurrency music "Daebak Song"

The OST "Daebak Song" of the cryptocurrency TV series "The Age of Money" received free support.

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Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 03.57.19.jpg

The Age of Money

The first cryptocurrency professional TV series "The Age of Money"

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Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 03.49.14.jpg

The Age of Money

An entertainment show based on cryptocurrencies

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Screenshot 2021-09-26 at 04.06.34.jpg

Pumping Game

Cryptocurrency’s first reality show Pumpumping

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After creating an additional account, simply upload the posting contents of the main account to the manager's additional account.


With Global Internet Celebrities

Korea’s top internet celebrities

27.5 million followers

Each post has an average of more than 100 million views,


Has a large number of TikTok fans and she is about to shoot in a Daebak song MV



Daebak song lyrics

1. Has the world changed so much?

Can only other people do health

and prospersivity?

this one, that..

If you take many things into consideration,

the fate of being rich becomes distant.

It's a amazing world where it makes

money even if you don't see it

If you stay alert, you'll be rich as

much as you want.


2. Money ~ Money goes around,

Big Life will come to me.

I buried it in the old days,

and it was overflowing with

 gold and silver treasures


Money ~ Money goes around,

New world is coming to me too.


I can't see it. I was looking at the chest

they're all coming at this.


B) Dead or alive, that is the question

Endure and endure,

Stick to it.

Persistence is the first.

Kick it! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


The chorus) Whoops

DAEBAK(Jactpot or Awesome)

Hey, I feel good

DAEBAK(Jactpot or Awesome)

My life is a pink tapestry,

Gold, water, rivers, and mountains are


Let's enjoy our lives.

DAEBAK(Jactpot or Awesome)


 I buy,

As soon as it fell,

Others buy,


It goes up and down like a springboard

Dele Field (special loco field) clatter ~

When can you come to bull market ?

Everything in the world is here.


B) Dead or alive, that is the question

(Whoa whoa whoa)

Endure and endure,

Stick to it.

Persistence is the first.

Kick it! ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Famous internet celebrity promotes “Daebak Song”

브레인 스토밍 팀 회의

Potential projects for 2024 with the Deabak community

组 46909.png

WEB3 short video platform (WEB3 TIKTOK) - 500,000 users

Includes TIKTOK+ Cryptocurrency exchange + chat function

(expected to issue tokens)


DMC has Web3 products such as

Depin's new star Foggie Max/Foggie William Entken,

author of Ethereum ERC-721, and Victor ERC-1221,

"OK Ventures" with 330,000 wallets, investing in DFJ funds, etc


The influence of MingWen tocken is inspired by the community and the media

The Deabak coin  community joined forces with the well-known coin community secure 1 million wallet addresses within 1 month

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